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Re: IS the okuda timeline canon?

What three years later line is this? I can't quite remember.
the opening of Emissary (DS9) has the battle of Wolf 359
We then have a caption of " 3 years later" and cut to Sisko arriving at Deep Space Nine.
Which would be 2370.

looking at continuity, if we assume that the festival of light in "Data's Day" is in 2267 november ( based on the calendar date of the festival with the second appearance of Leah Brahms shortly after - we have Geordi say that "booby Trap" was about a year ago ( so november 2266) placing "Best of Both Worlds" in 2267

That said - "Eye of the Needle" (Voy) explicitly places the year as 2371 - and that runs concurrently with season three of DS9 - which ( I have realised since my previous post) kills the idea of it being 2372 stone dead.
Frustrating as DS9 season three refers to three years on the station repeatedly in season three and I am loathe to ignore references onscreen.

That said if you are prepared to ignore stardates, placing Datas day in 2266 ( in season three) would probably be a good idea given the repeatedly given statements of Molly O'Briens age in DS9 - without checking I do not know if that raises other continuity issues though.
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