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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

To the people complaining that the new Robocop looks too much like a guy in a suit, I think that's what it is for the most part this time around. Going by what's seen and heard in the trailer the scientists decided to salvage more organic components, I'm guessing his head, torso, and right arm, were permanently grafted into a robotic exoskeleton. I'm also guessing they ditched the remaining leg based on comments of paralysis and the fact that it would be much easier to have two robotic legs working together as opposed to fixing an injured leg and having that work with a robotic replacement.

Whereas the original Robocop was just a brain in a robot body, (whether or not his eyes, face, and parts of his skull are organic is up for debate).

I'd say worst case scenario is that it ends up another summer action/superhero movie and lacks the depth found in the first film, but I can't tell that based on a trailer. Robocop has been a franchise ever since the first cartoon was made, if the producers said that this was just more Robocop set in a different continuity as opposed to a reboot they might have less of an uphill battle trying to sell this thing. I also can't imagine this movie being any worse than the awful third movie.

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