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Re: Best Audio Book?

Finished up the Evelyn Smythes. The Feast of Axos was an excellent follow up/sequel to The Claws of Axos Pertwee Story. Thomas Brewster is a Good character, not your typical Companion.

Industrial Evolution I enjoyed, the Adversary was quite creepy and sort of a twist on Cybermen in a way, though they could have explained where it came from a bit better. Bellfrage was a pretty cool character, and I'd be interested in listening to an audio with him where Industrial Evolution left off.

I liked quite a few of her stories, but, Jubilee I think was the best, it's one of the absolute top BF Doctor Who Audio Plays I've listened to.

So, I'm off to listen to some Pern for at least a book or two (Probably wait until Gallifrey is released before returning to The Doctor Whoniverse), when I'll listen to Gallifrey, Dalek Empire 1, My subscription Main lines that have built up by then (2 so far), and the First 50 for $2.99 that I've recently bought (7 so far) and may buy before then.
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