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Re: Would Q allow humanity or federation to be dstroyed?

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Which was a strange thing for Voyager to do given that a previous TNG episode establish that a pair of Q did produce a child. The Q child didn't realize she was Q, until Q pointed it out to her.

While the Q parents gave up their power prior to creating a child, it shows that Q can change themselves in order to reproduce.

And it might not have been necessary for them to have given up their powers.
^Yeah, the producers pretty much swept "True Q" under the rug, and I can't entirely blame them. But the usual rationalization is that her parents had renounced their Q-itude and were human when they procreated. There had never been a Q child born within the Continuum, as part of Q society, before.

Okay, okay, you could use that to argue that Trelane's parents were also former Q who'd renounced the Continuum in order to become glowy balls of light, but if you have to divorce them that much from the Q in order to justify the connection, why even bother making the connection? It's just small-universe syndrome. The universe is vast and ancient. Given what ST has shown us about the prevalence of godlike superraces and the relative ease with which humanoids can evolve into them, it seems likely that they hugely outnumber humanoids by now. So connecting two largely dissimilar superbeings to one another just because they have similar personalities seems like a huge stretch to me, and a completely unnecessary one.

Mainly I just resist the tendency to treat all beings more powerful than humanity as if they were equally powerful. More realistically, there'd be quite a hierarchy, a lot of levels between human ability and Q ability, and thus a lot of different types of powerful alien, rather than just some blandly homogenized mass of godlike blobs of light. I mean, I've even seen people interpreting the Metrons from "Arena" as incorporeal energy beings, even though there's absolutely nothing in the episode as scripted that suggests that. I think they're basing it on the sparkles of light that surrounded the Metron we saw, but that was just sunlight reflecting into the lens off Carole Shelyne's shiny tunic. Yet some people just assume "race more advanced than humanity" = "godlike energy being," and I think that's oversimplifying. So I don't like to ascribe powerful aliens with any more power than the evidence clearly indicates. The Q, to all indications, are at the very top of the power hierarchy, so I'm reluctant to assume any other being is a Q without a compelling reason.

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