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Re: 7-9-13

is 13 a lucky number in your country, TD? In most countries it counts as an unlucky one.
Reason: 1 messiah + 12 apostles = 13 of which one was a traitor, hence a dinner or meeting with 13 people at a table is considered to be potentially fatal; see also: Agatha Christie: 13 At Dinner [aka: Lord Edgeware Dies]

Over here most people marry on 07.07. as 7 is a lucky number. Others, like my brother, who are too lazy to remember dates marry on Valentine's Day.
As I was born in April and have my patron saints day in October (that's like a 2nd birthday in catholic areas, with presents and cake and all =) ), I'd prefer to marry in mid-July to keep the festivities evenly distributed
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