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Re: Attention Vinyl-gang!

Compared to my one, your record player is bordering SciFi! Mine still has tubes, no transistors, and a second needle for shellack records and it can play at 4 different speeds: 76 (shellack records from 1890 to WW2), 45 (singles since 1949), 33 1/3 (vinyl LPs and shellacks pressed after 1945) and 16 rpm (certain shellack records and early vinyl singles from the 50s)

that arm in the middle is useful: you insert a slender metal bolt in the opening in the middle of the player and stack up to 5 singles or LPs on it. The arm holds the tower in place. When a record is finished, the next one will be released by a clever mechanism and the pick-up automatically gets set back to start position again. Handy when you're having a party. =)
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