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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Since the other four starships were prepared only for a simulation, why didn't that smart M-5 computer take out the lead ship Lexington (17th design) first and go after the other starships in the following confusion and chaos? To destroy the "inferior" starship first while you still got "bigger fish to fry" doesn't seem that smart, but if the if the M-5 considered the Excalibur to be a bigger threat its actions would make more sense to me.
Remember that M-5 did target Lexington (lead ship) first. When Lexington changed course, M-5 likely went after the next closest ship which was the Excalibur. After delivering a direct hit, she again turned on the Lexington. Potemkin and Hood were already withdrawing leaving the remaining ships at the mercy of M-5. Lexington was hit again and then Excalibur (the fatal hit). And then Potemkin.

All total, Lexington suffered at least 3 hits while the Excalibur 2 and Potemkin 1. M-5 was apparently putting more effort on the lead ship, the Lexington, but Excalibur was clearly the most unlucky when it came to receiving damage.

As to the "Constitution Class" issue, what's the problem again? Why can we not consider that the Enterprise when first built was a Constitution Class and then was modified to become a Starship Class and then later her own Enterprise Class? And then her sister ships were re-classified back to Constitution Class? Depending on when you describe the Enterprise, "Constitution Class" could be valid as a general class and "Starship/Enterprise" classes a sub-class.

If we look at the cruisers USS Boston and USS Canberra, they were originally Baltimore Class and then Boston was modified and became the lead ship of her own class (or subclass) which the Canberra joined. Both ships were then reclassified back to their original Baltimore class. And Starship Class isn't that odd when you think about the 18 ships and some classes named for "Cruiser Class" (as in HMS Cruiser).
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