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Re: The Reality of Star Trek

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However, in this reality, Biblical prophesies foretells one third of the earth burning up, and that was just to serve as a catalyst for the NWO and their mark of the beast system.
Oh, my. This isn't a conspiracy forum.

Well, I disagree.
That's ridiculous. Technology has grown. Population has grown, and you know why ? Fewer wars and disease because we care for each other and make medecine to help people in need, etc.

There was a time at which about 100% of states were tyrannies. Now ?

Can you really believe that there is no high tech surveilance devise in your television
Yes, actually, because I don't engage in magical thinking.

Surely you can see child molesters, alcoholics, and rapists as evidence of mankind being broken...
Actually, that's only if you assume most people are like that. I'll also remind you that there are child molesters and rapists in the animal kingdom. Is the animal kingdom broken ?

The "spirit" of Star Trek would lead you in "optimism" to not say anything negative at all.
Have you actually ever watched the show ?
Jesus Christ paid the penalty for the wages of our sins.
No, he didn't. He didn't die. He's god, right ? He could literally not lose anything. There was no sacrifice, and no mechanism through which such a sacrifice would've saved any of us, seeing as the final arbiter of who was saved or not was him in the first place. Even when I was a Christian I could see that.
And that's my opinion.
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