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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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It's not like there was a Reliant-Excelsior that came along so the Reliants were kept around because no better replacement came along.
That's what I see the Centaur-class as - basically the Excelsior generation version of the Miranda; just, for whatever reason, the Mirandas weren't (evidently) completely replaced like the Connie.

And as far as the Constellation-class goes, that seems more like a fast transport/assault craft (for SCIENCE! ) of some sort than a Hero Ship Cruiser.
Oh yeah, the Centaur. It was using something like an Excelsior-style saucer but the rollbar of the Reliant for nacelle pylons and hybrid Reliant-Excelsior super-slim nacelles. Perhaps it was too custom to be mass-produced? Or maybe it's lack of dual shuttle bays in the back limited it's usefulness?

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...and we didn't exactly see a ton of Centaurs did we?

I think it was Timo who first suggested the the Constellation was essentially TOS-era tech taken to the limit of its application; you want a ship with greater abilities than what you have but are confined by the limitations of the technology itself, so you make a numerical increase. It makes sense to me.
Which is interesting since Picard complained that it was underpowered. "Peak Performance" showed the ship to have only one bulky warp core. Still, she seemed pretty roomy with thick primary hull.

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What exactly defines a "hero" ship anyway? Picard flew Stargazer.
Well, at the time if the Battle at Maxia, Picard wasn't a "hero character" so the Stargazer was fodder. Now put Picard on a shuttlecraft and see how much longer it'll survive against a Jem'hedar attack than say Captain No-name
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