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Re: The Reality of Star Trek

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Mankind is broken. History reports that no matter how good a system is, if evil men run it, then no good will come of it.
Mankind is awesome.

Things break down because nothing is perfect, nothing is eternal, and evil exists.

But man is evolving, society is moving forward. We've abolished slavery in most places, wars are smaller than 70 years ago, less numerous, etc. And poverty is being fought. Of course none of that is perfect, or works all the time. But the point is that we're slowly crawling forward. Not everybody is participating, and only a few of us are actually brillant and innovative. So what ? In the end we're getting better.
Belz, I like the way you think.....

I wasn't diggin' the negative vibes 'bout humanity on this thread, and you may it all better....
- Nine of Four
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