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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

In case it wasn't obvious last night... I finally ended the recapping of season 1.


(Now you know why it took me over a YEAR to recap 6 seasons of Xena... and I had to rely on for the transcripts! I should take this moment to acknowledge the "passing" of another great Xena website. Mikes-Images was taken down after years of great service earlier this year. An internet search suggests Mike himself became ill. Hope he's doing better, and I thank him for helping to illustrate the thread as long as he "did".)

Now we just have to wait another 10 (?) months to see season 2 of OitNB.

Since I'm traveling this weekend, I thought I'd leave a few things for everyone to mull over.

Here's an interesting article that attacks and praises simultaneously. Talk about schizophrenic.

Hmmm another former inmate speaks out... is this the start of the "backlash against the backlash?" Come on, guys, "Can't we all just get along?"

The "real" Piper talks about prisons, and briefly touches on the "backlash".

And now, a few lighter moments with Danielle Brooks.

Its funny, watching the colleges come back into session and climb onto the OitNB bandwagon.

And how can I do this without a youtube vid?

Here's a Laura Prepon interview from BEFORE the release of OitNB on July 11th.

And speaking of Alex Vause...

the newest (?) yt offering for the "Ultra sexy" lady.

The Mirror Universe version of Piper/Alex...

Of course, no one uses this song as well as our Froot!

Wish me luck at the casino!
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