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Re: Re-writing the climax of STiD

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I'm appalled that people actually go to the movies to be entertained! Won't someone please think of the children!
I went there to be entertained, and I was, and I then was again three more times just last week, it is a lovely film. Still, I resent that notion. Yes, entertainment is an important part of it, but the rest of the presentation also matters. It is just too easy nowadays to deliver good entertainment and be meticulous at the same time without harming the story or the enjoyment. It's wrong not to do it. And I care about that because I loved it.

Ten years from now I will be watching it again, trying to submerge myself in the story I had loved back in the day, and I wouldn't want to be suddenly taken out of it by a small detail that my mind inadvertently spotted, and which contradicts the otherwise impeccable visual and sound effects, and work by the actors. Films have become just too good to ignore the small things any more. It was fine in the era of TOS because everything back then looked like a theatre set, but when you've improved one, improve the other as well. It will make a part of the audience happier, and even if it is a very small part, it will hardly cost you more than they paid to see the film.

So make the nitpicking bunch among us happy too, please. We are also part of the audience, and some of us also love Star Trek. Thing is, I think they already did that for the most part, because I barely had much to complain after the last time I saw the film.

As for the OP:


WarpFactorZ, I love to nitpick as much as anyone, but I don't see any improvement coming from the gratuitous rearrangements done by you. What issues were these rearrangements supposed to fix again?

It's way too much changes in the plot for too little improvement in detail (if any). I bet I can fix all the trouble that you have with that scene with so little changes I could probably do them on my PC over the final cut in an hour:
(1) Make the Moon appear moving in relation to the ships when they drop out of warp.
(2) Simply switch two of the external shots of the Enterprise during the fall, so that people appear to be falling parallel to the Earth for one brief moment.

As it has been said earlier, there's no solid indication of the velocity and position of the Enterprise when it gets "caught in Earth's gravity", we don't know where they are, so that's hardly a problem to begin with, but if it still bothers you – as little as a single visual clue like (1) would suffice. It will be explicit that they are falling fast the entire long sequence, and yes, they are falling fast, otherwise they would not burn up in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, as you admit, these changes don't even fix the gravity issue, which while still minor, is more important than a simple confusion in position and velocity, so why go through all this trouble if you aren't going to fix the only thing that's borderline suspect... ish in the entire sequence?

And don't touch the plot of a good film just to fix a minor issue that can be fixed by a throwaway line or a nearly invisible background clue, especially if you're not going to fix all of it.
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