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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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Propaganda only presents one side of an argument. It uses selective facts and is often emotionally manipulative.
Exactly. Like saying we can't do widescreen for the scene with the Enterprise-D entering Starbase 74 although they had already used the CGI Enterprise-D to replace "missing" footage.

It's selective presenting of a problem (because they already knew the solution for it and didn't tell).


And what about the truncated cryo-satellite in "The Neutral Zone" shot, Robert? You expect CBS-D to model that in CG from scratch too? How many other ships of the week that enter or exit the frame from off screen or are cropped by passing too close to the camera would have to be recreated? You see how it quickly becomes an unworkable solution? It's not just the Enterprise-D. If every ship stayed far away from the camera with space all around it, then yes, I suppose that would work... but that's not how the VFX shots were envisioned. It's not how the VFX supervisors approached their work.

What you're really advocating here is a TOS-Remastered approach wherein all the exterior space opticals are re-done entirely in CG. In other words, throw all that great 35mm motion control work away. But why? Just to make 16:9 possible? At least with TOS-R there was the unavoidable fact that the miniature o-negs were long gone and the old opticals cut into the show looked very poor.

As SpHeRe31459 says, it's outside the scope of TNG-R. The intent is to create 1080p versions of the episodes using as much of the original assets as possible so that it looks just as you remember it, except in HD.
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