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Has anyone played "Lords of Waterdeep"?

Hubby was watching it played on "Tabletop" and he is really keen to get it. He said it has won a whole string of awards as well. So, can someone here who actually played it give ma a review?

Played three games of it last night. All three of us absolutely love it. First off the box is gorgeous, neat and organised. The game just looks great, and even though there are a lot of pieces it's not hard to keep track of everything.

The rules are actually quite simple, and with some strategy games (Game of Thrones) I get drained towards the end, but I didn't feel that way with LOWD. All three of our games were close, the first two games I was winning up until the final scoring, and the last one my two friends tied.

The theme is strong, there's a lot of ways to go about ordering what you need to do, but there are only a limited amount of spaces on the board so you have to try and figure out in which order to go to them. It's a really fun game and it doesn't feel as though it takes as long as it does.

I especially love the scoring system. The ending is so tense as everyone reveals their lords and how many points they get for their completed quests. If it hadn't been so late last night we would have definitely played a fourth game.
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