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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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And if the Enterprise had been the strongest ship in Starfleet, why choose her for the M-5 test and send two "inferior" starships of the 16th design (Excalibur and Potemkin) against her?

Since the other four starships were prepared only for a simulation, why didn't that smart M-5 computer take out the lead ship Lexington (17th design) first and go after the other starships in the following confusion and chaos? To destroy the "inferior" starship first while you still got "bigger fish to fry" doesn't seem that smart, but if the if the M-5 considered the Excalibur to be a bigger threat its actions would make more sense to me.

What? None of the ships in the task force had visible registries in the original version of the episode. As far as the original intent of the episode goes, Enterprise and M-5 were going up against four other ships that were each the same as Enterprise. Potemkin and Excalibur didn't get associated with 16xx registries until after the fact. So the order in which M-5 took out the other ships doesn't really matter, since they were all intended to be equal strength.

And even if we assume that Excalibur and Potemkin are inferior to Enterprise, why would that invalidate the M-5 test choice? They're still pitting the Enterprise against four "enemy" ships... on paper Enterprise should always lose that engagement, even if two of the ships are from the previous class of ship.

(And yes, I understand that your theory is that Excalibur and Potemkin were actually superior to Enterprise, but I'm addressing the question of why SF would send two "inferior" ships in the first quoted paragraph. If the 16th design was superior, sending one 17 against two 17s and two 16s would be even more unbalanced than if the 17th design was superior to the 16th. If they were even intended to be two different designs in the first place. Which they weren't. )
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