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Re: Re-writing the climax of STiD

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Nonsense. It fixes numerous plot holes, physics failures, etc... It makes it a better story, and better science fiction. I'm sorry you're so invested in your defence of the production crew that you can't see that.
"Numerous" meaning "one" in this case, apparently. You "fixed" one physics error that no one except a small subset of Trekkies, Phil Platt, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson would care about, and "corrected" one plot hole about the lack of ships and defenses at Earth that has been featured in nearly every Trek series and film. Neither of which substantially improve the film in any way from a storytelling standpoint (especially since you just piggybacked on Orci's/Kurtzman's existing work), or address more important issues like character development.

Also, when you say they intercepted Khan at the edge of Klingon space, do you mean they never went to Kronos? If so, that would actually be a detriment to the film in my opinion, since I quite enjoyed that sequence, as did many others. So you actually removed a pretty significant scene now, for no apparent reason other than to have the opposing crews meet up in space first, which happens later anyway.
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