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Re: IS the okuda timeline canon?

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I have my doubts regarding the Okuda chronology's placement of the beginning of Generations in the same year as The Undiscovered Country. I've always felt that would be better placed a year or two after TUC.
For quite a long while, Generations actually was set in 2294, not '93, which allowed for a bit more time for the Enterprise-B to be completed, etc.

If you look at the novels that were published during those years (and possibly the first two editions of the Okudas' own chronology, IIRC), you'll notice that Generations is indeed placed at 2294 (as do Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens' Federation, Denny Martin Flynn's The Fearful Summons, etc.).

This was later retconned to have the Ent-B launch take place later in the same year as the Khitomer summit, which suddenly makes for a very squeezed-in bunch of post-Undiscovered Country/pre-Generations novels (of which there are quite a few).
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