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I gave STID an A-

I enjoyed it more after the second viewing, finally coming to terms with some things and accepting them, once I did that, I realized just how fun of a ride this movie is. One thing I would have preferred is just keeping the character John Harrison as is, and not even bothering with Khan, although, I did appreciate the homage to TWOK, especially the reverse engine room scene with Kirk/Spock.

While I enjoyed Cumberbatch's performance, I equally enjoyed Peter Weller - both as an actor and his character, Admiral Marcus. I sometimes account him as the real villain here.

There were flaws and things I could nitpick all day, especially coming from a long time fan as myself. But all-in-all, I found this to be highly entertaining, with a wonderful and engaging story - and the effects blew me away, though I would have liked more of a dogfight between the Vengeance and Enterprise.
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