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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise: How is the Federation Losing So Badly?

The kamikaze thing is a good point, but I'm kind of curious as to why then, the Klingons seemed so eager to capture the Enterprise. Also, we saw that they were using (grossly inflated) Birds of Prey of some sort, so they weren't exactly technologically super advanced, even if 3 of them were able to take out the Enterprise. (Do wish they'd replaced the "K'Vorts" when they made TNG-R, alas...)

The interesting bit might be the lack of Worf. I used to think they missed an opportunity by not making Worf the commander of the Klingon task force, but with more thought, I think the fact that he's not around (and presumably wasn't rescued from Khitomer) gives some more weight to the Romulans manipulating the Klingons, especially with the level of Romulan interactions with the Duras family which wouldn't have the House of Mogh in any form to counter them.
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