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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

That's fascinating about the Melbourne, King - I never knew there was another model. It would be great to see it. And I don't like to ignore details either. I'd forgotten about the damn crew lounge!

And, great point about the Enterprise-B. At your suggestion, I've conducted an analysis. For those who haven't seen it, this is the model used to represent the damage in the famous close-up flyby:

One can clearly make out three decks in the leading edge of the hull "flare." I confirmed this assumption by analyzing the following screencap:

You can very clearly make out those three decks there, as well as Chekov and company against them.

Working back from that, I came up with this:

There are 36 decks that fit pretty well. If we assume each deck is 3.277 meters tall, she's 728 meters long and 118 meters tall, excluding the nacelle fins.

However, it's complicated if you take a closer look at this screencap.

Walter Koenig is 1.68 meters (5'6") tall. He's right at 56 pixels. The deck is right at 88 pixels, so that gives us decks that are approximately 2.65 meters (8'8") tall... which is noticeably shorter than generally accepted deck heights.

Since the 728 meter length figure is so good, we may simply wish to assume that the compositing Chekov, Scotty, and Harriman is somewhat off. We may also consider it safe to assume that the hull extensions were constructed at a scale to match the size of the ship since ILM made the modifications... so this scaling may in fact be quite definitive for the ILM model.

As a side note, the lovely image below is currently my wallpaper on my three-screen setup at work to encourage me to think about all this more. Beautiful shot of a beautiful ship... though, zoom in on the lower part of the secondary hull. You can clearly see that the hatch covering the ventral mounting point, which I earlier realized is the real-world reason for the secondary hull chasm "pod." It appears the hatch was slightly misaligned when this pass was done.
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