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Ever read the Destiny novels? They have an interesting take on the Borg Queen that I like, and is somewhat tragic.
Actually yes, and it is tragic, but truthfully I didn't care much for David Mack's explanation. I read them because I wanted to write a fan fiction set in the Destiny time line. My goal was to bring back Janeway in a plausible way and write a really good action / adventure while I was at it.

My problem began last May when I was in a really bad car accident. A woman in a F150 Ford pickup truck missed seeing a red light and my orange car. I was in ICU for three Days, the Hospital for another five days and in a Rehab for another two weeks. That will play havoc with your muse and for a good long time I couldn't write anything.

There are several plot devices that I didn't care for in those books, the biggest one being that the Caelier became the heroes in a very deus ex machina climax. Up to that moment the Caelier had no redeeming qualities. They were only shown as xenophobic bullies, there wasn't any growth of character first they were one thing and the next minute they were another. Actually that's my favorite kind of plot hole because the whole thing then becomes something I can explain and exploit in fiction. In other words I can provide the reason.

I think that is the difference between some fans, there are those that can point out the difficulties, the inconsistencies and state how they would do it better. I always see those as opportunities for fic. We all fix things in our own ways.

The first fic I ever wrote was a retelling of "Endgame", in my fic everything you saw happened, but I added thoughts and reasons and a whole lot more Borg lol.
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