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Re: New Riddick thread

I enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm surprised to see such a low score.

The Good

- The Riddick-style wit and badassery was nicely written and Vin Diesel really delivered. I'd call this my favorite of the three movies as well.

- I'm glad they touched on, and resolved the issue of the necromongers. Though it might have been nice to explore that storyline, they resolved it to my satisfaction, more or less.

- I liked the desert landscape. If Star Trek were made today with modern effects, I imagine that those barren planets with colored skies is would look like this.

- Good supporting cast.

- Katee Sackhoff. Because she deserves her own bullet point.

The Bad

- It did feel like a rehash of Pitch Black but seeing Riddick do his thing made up for it.

- The ending fell flat. It was like Twohy ran out of juice and had to wrap it up any way he could.

The Other Thing

- Didn't much care for the dog at first because I didn't want this to turn into a "man and his dog" buddy movie. Then I warmed up to the animal but accepted its death in part because I knew it was coming.

Looking forward to the next one.
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