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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

The only episode I remember from the first season from the first season that I thought was a really good episode was the first Zapp Brannigan episode.

Besides that I remember a lot of lame song setups (Robot hell, Hermes bureaucracy), the writers being obsessed with aliens eating humans, setups designed around making 20th century celebrity references (Beastie Boys, Pamela Anderson, etc), and all the characters basically being cynically opportunistic and compulsive. The writers had a pattern back then of commenting on current politics by having everybody rephrase their commentary as an accepted fact of the future.

I think the episode that finally made me quit as the Amazon episode. "Didn't you tell them lack of good fundamental make up for lack of ability to dunk?" Okay we get it, WNBA stupid. Stop relying on current references, it's a show about the future damn it!

I'm going to try watching it through on Netflix, I suppose maybe I'll change my mind.
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