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Re: Would Q allow humanity or federation to be dstroyed?

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In Q-Squared, by Peter David, Trelane, (The Squire of Gothos - TOS episode 17), is shown to be a member of the Continuum, as well as "General" Trelane's parents. Trelane's parents intervened at the last moment to save Kirk's life, when Trelane was about to run him through with a sword.

The Continuum also took away Q's powers, (Déjà Q - TNG episode 61), because he had abused those powers with his "experiments".

These examples prove that, despite their godly powers do not allow senseless killing.
^^^One of my favorite trek books of all time and not just for the perspective on Q. I won't spoil, but the captain of the Enterprise D is not Picard.

I won't scream non-canon... I really like the Trelane Q tie-in. Playing what if for a sec, I agree that T's parent's show benevolence on behalf of the continuum.
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