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As we say in Texas, y'all brace yourselves.

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I always figured the Queen was just a function within the Collective, and they could choose any drone to fill the role. This would explain why death is but a minor inconvenience for her, and her appearance/behavior changes.
I agree with this. And you thought you would never see it. LOL

The Queen has to be "just another drone" and this is because ordinary drones are all the material the collective has to work with. I personally think that we saw three different Queens, and that there are more potential Queens available.

It doesn't make sense to have multiple Queens at the same time, she is "the one who speaks." She is kind of like "The Mouth of Sauron" from the Lord of the Rings, there is something or someone behind her pulling her strings. To me the Borg Collective, is a consolidation of minds controlled by a machine, it doesn't have empathy, and no imagination. It has the single slightness of a computer program set on figuring pi to the list digit. In this case apparently it is set on finding the Omega particle. It needs a interface, and that interface is the Queen.

I think the Queen is fascinating, there are these small tidbits scattered in the various Borg episodes through the different series. One of the last fan fictions I wrote used the point of view of the Queens themselves. I used canon references laced together with my own imagination. In the prolog I explained my theory of the Borg.

So for hundreds of years the Borg moved out in a terrible jihad that each Queen directed. She ruled until the degeneration of her brain rendered her useless. Then she was replaced, and what organic properties remained to her were absorbed back into the collective. In the end, she, like any other drone, became just one more source of raw material
Hah, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Nice to know we don't butt heads on -everything- Trek.

Now I'm not sure I'd equate the Queen to the Mouth of Sauron. Then again I just saw the Mouth as a glorified messenger who clearly was doing the will of his boss. The Queen may be propped up by the Collective, but it does her bidding as well, a more symbiotic relationship.

Ever read the Destiny novels? They have an interesting take on the Borg Queen that I like, and is somewhat tragic.
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