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Re: New Riddick thread

I saw it today as I was bored and nothing else to do. (I've seen Pitch Black but never saw Chronicles of Riddick btw)

Hmm, this was my reaction to it tbh-

I just found it really boring. I couldn't have cared less about any of the "characters" at all, the plot bored me to tears.. Vin Diesel just made me laugh. I remembered why I can't stand the Fast & Furious films. Arnold Schwarzenegger was never gonna win an Oscar but at least he put some kinda charm into his action movies, Vin Diesel is like watching a Dalek acting.
Most of the time I had no idea what was going on. Again, I haven't seen Chronicles, so maybe if I had I'd get it, but that was hardly a huge movie. I'd entertain actually if you ask most people on the street they'll have never even heard of it, and Pitch Black as it goes. So I'd say a good 90% of people who go see this movie on a Friday/Saturday night will be in the same boat.
Karl Urban's one scene, who is he? Fuck knows. That guy 'Johns' going on about his son, was that even from Chronicles? I don't know, I didn't care, I wasn't made to care when it first came up and I certainly didn't care by the end of the movie. I was just there killing time waiting for my car to be serviced this afternoon.

The cgi creatures were very good I'll say that. And the main enjoyment I got out it was mainly seeing Katee Sackhoff on the big screen, and imagining in my head what some episodes of BSG would look like on the cinema screen and how awesome that would be to watch... certainly compared to what I was watching anyway.

I only skimmed a couple of reviews beforehand, which both gave it 3/5, god knows why. Some people seem to like Vin Diesel I guess, fair play to them but it's not for me. One of the worst films I've seen in 2013 easily.
And I did like Pitch Black btw, and that's what I'd describe this movie as, just a really, really shit version of Pitch Black.
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