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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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I blame Deanna for that fiasco. Crazy women drivers.
19 years later and I'm still irritated how that all went down.

Deanna's thought process:
"Hmm. Open space to the left, open space forward, planet to the right. I know! I'll turn right!"
She was heading away from the planet. Any way but towards the planet is away from it. The shock wave of the Enterprise's explosion pushed the saucer's aft section up, turning the saucer's nose towards the planet and seemed to push it towards the planet. Then it lost helm control; gravity and inertia did the rest.

They barley cleared the destruction range of a warp core explosion. So Deanna did a pretty good job piloting the saucer, forces beyond her control caused the crash.
The only way the shockwave from the drive blowing up could have knocked them into the atmosphere is if she positioned the ship between the drive and atmosphere. They were going parallel to the planet before they separated as witnessed by the planet being to the right of the ship on the Klingon view screen. It's assumed they kept this course as the saucer turns to the right(from a rear view) when they separate, which would be towards the planet. So yeah, the shockwave knocked them into it.
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