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Re: New Riddick thread

Just got back from watching it. I liked it. It definitely was made with Pitch Black fans in mind. However it does give some nods to Chronicle of Riddick, so it's not as if that film is totally forgotten. However Riddick could easily play as a sequel to Pitch Black.

And I'm okay with that. I enjoyed both Pitch Black and Chronicles and it was cool seeing them return to the Pitch Black style. The cast was good for the most part. And there was more humor in the film than I expected and I liked that. Besides Riddick, I thought Santana, Dahl, Boss, and Diaz all stood out. But the minor roles were played solidly as well.

The new alien monsters weren't as cool as the bioraptors from the first film or the Necromongers from the second in terms of big adversary, however I give the filmmakers credit for trying to change it up.

There is no after credits scene so you don't have to stick around.
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