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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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Just because it doesn't hit the exact same beats as the original doesn't make it bad. Go watch the original film if that's what you want. In any event, "Murphy is out for revenge" isn't the central theme of RoboCop, it's "Murphy regains his humanity." To watch RoboCop and be all "hell yeah, killer robot goes out for blood" is to completely miss the point.
I agree it's not the central point.... but I don't think one can deny that there's a very heavy revenge theme in the original movie, which is what really propels the film and makes it so thrilling to watch.

After watching Murphy be so brutally gunned down and humiliated by Clarence and his gang early on, it's hard not to root for him or get a huge thrill from watching him come back later as a badass cyborg and blow them all away.

The remake doesn't need to hit those same exact beats, but hopefully they at least find some way to make Robo a strong and badass presence like in the original.
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