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Re: 2013 NBA Offseason Thread...

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^ Some coaches or teams provide a good atmosphere that could help a guy like Beasley become a better person and get his personal life on track.
Which ones? Beasley was in a small market with little media scrutiny and he had problems there too.
I think Phil Jackson is/was one of the few coaches that could get through to a guy like that. I can't imagine LA without Phil has the right atmosphere, what with all the negativity we saw with the Howard departure. Add to that the media spotlight.
Having Phil and guys like Kobe and Pau would seem to be the ideal situation for Beasley (regardless of the city) assuming he actually places more importance on winning a championship than getting high. It could be that the guy just loves weed too much. And it's JUST weed. I don't get it.

I wouldn't mind Beasley going to Chicago, but with the way the fanbase & media were capable of treating Derek Rose throughout the end of last season, I'm not sure it would be a good fit either.
Can you elaborate on this a bit.

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Can Odom be far behind? Holy Christ!
Saw a picture of L.O. today. He was looking very thin, and it didn't look like the kind of "thin" from intense working out. I think his career is over. I just hope he can pull it together to live a normal life.
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