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Re: Enterprise The Movie


IMDB style Trivia for the ST Enterprise movie (2009)

-titled ‘Star Trek Enterprise’ (no colon) in some countries

-the tag line ‘Two Crews. One Destiny’ is a riff on the Generations tagline ‘Two Captains. One Destiny - similar to the way Insurrection adapted TUCs tagline

-a sequel to Enterprise and Nemesis

-third PG13 rated Star Trek film

-James Horners third Star Trek score

-Production Designer Herman Zimmerman’s seventh Star Trek feature

-Jonathan Frakes third time directing a Star Trek film.

-Nicholas Meyer was offered the chance to direct but turned it down, however he later agreed to co-write the film.

-Enterprise was close to cancellation by the forth season in 2005 due to low ratings, however massive fan support convinced Paramount to commission a fifth season which has been hailed as one of Star Treks best, leading to a further two critically acclaimed seasons. This led to the decision to revitalise the movie series with the Enterprise crew

-Plans for an eleventh Star Trek feature were halted after the box office failure of Star Trek Nemesis. However elements of a proposed ‘crossover’ film featuring several members of each series, as well as a prequel trilogy entitled ‘Star Trek: The Beginning’ were worked into this film.

-William Shatner was approached to cameo as Captain Kirk in a holodeck exposition scene but wanted a non holodeck Kirk role central to the action like Spocks - as a result the scene was discarded and the dialogue was added to Spocks character. Shatner had guest starred in the fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise as a vengeful mirror universe Kirk.

-Leonard Nimoy initially declined to return as Spock. He agreed after Nicholas Meyer re-wrote elements of the script to make Spocks part more essential to the plot.

-Those considered for the role of Nero included Russell Crowe and Eric Bana, before Stephen Lang was cast.

-inspired by Yesterdays Enterprise (Enterprise from the past encountering changed future, federation losing the war), and First Contact (villiain attempting to destroy the federation in the past)

-Plans for a ‘Yesterdays Enterprise’ style crossover film featuring crews of two Enterprises go back to 1994s Star Trek Generations but the idea was discarded when it was established it would be too expensive.

-the NX01 emerging in the 23rd Century and teaming up with the remaining crew of the NCC 1701A was considered then discarded in favour of the TNG crew.

-the Enterprise E emerging in the 22nd Century was considered then dropped for the NX01 in the 24th century.

-Rumours surfaced in 2007 of an original series prequel film charting the early years of Kirk and Spock being developed. JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were rumoured to be involved. However soon after it was revealed Paramount had hired Jonathon Frakes to direct a movie with the Star Trek Enterprise cast.

-22nd century scenes set - 2162. 24th Century scenes set - 2387

-Budget = $100m.

-Box Office - $45m opening wkend. $125m US. $75m foreign = $200m ww

-Despite several rumours, there are no plans for a sequel as yet.

-Main characters = Capt Archer, Cmdr Tpol, Cmdr Tucker, Capt Picard, Cmdr Data (not B4 as is altered timeline), Nero (S Lang - crazed revenge driven Romulan warlord whose son was on board the destroyed timeship)
-Extended cameos = Cmdr Madden (Ent E 1st Officer - as in Nemesis deleted end scene), Capt Riker (USS Titan - in altered timeline was promoted to Captain long before end of Nemesis - helps the Enterprises out Sulu style), Cmdr Hansen (Titan 1st Officer - was never borgified into 7of9), Ambassador Spock (as in Unification trying stop the federation/romulan war)
-minor roles - all the rest in their usual positions/ranks (Geordi, Dr Crusher, Troi, Hoshi, Malcolm, phlox etc etc)

Spoilers (The trivia items below may give away important plot points):

-Enterprise crew deaths - Hoshi, Mayweather (opening attack), Madden (half way - replaced by Data as 1st Officer), Trip (end sacrifice), the entire Ent E crew (getting the NX01 back to the past)

-During Nero and Archers fight scene Nero states ‘I Know your face from earths history….’ Archers response of ‘I find that difficult to believe’ is intended to be a reference to his Quantum Leap character Samuel Beckett

-During the final battle the USS Voyager is seen to be destroyed

-Ships present during the final battle include the USS Excelsior, Reliant and all previous Enterprises.

-When Picard and Archer enter Spocks chambers, a photo of Kirk (William Shatner) can be seen on the desk.

-Near the end of the movie, Khan (Richardo Montalban) is briefly seen in a cryogenic stasis pod as Archer searches the gigantic cargo hold of Nero’s advanced Romulan battleship. (suggesting at some point between 2162 and 2387 in the changed timeline the romulans located the Botany Bay). The ILM effects team scanned Richardo Montalbans face from the 1967 episode Space Seed and applied the result to a stunt double.

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