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Should Text from Set Decorations Be Considered Canon?

Lately, I've been noticing that on Memory Alpha, with the new TNG Blu-Rays, folks have been taking to filling in names and registries for starships, and other information, based on screencaps of quick flashes of display screens.

Frankly, I don't like it, but it really brought up the question of the thread - should these materials be considered canon?

Specifically, I'm talking not about things that the production team knew we the viewers would read, but smaller things that require screencap and study to fully interpret. How much of this should we accept as "fact" and why?

Personally, I think this sort of material falls into two groups; the production team in newer productions seems to like to include Easter Eggs for viewers and hardcore fans to pause and look at, whereas in older productions I think it was generally assumed that most of it was not going to be seen by fans, and so many in-jokes were included. The former, such as the bio screens in ENT's "In A Mirror Darkly" I'm more apt to include than information about the "Great Bird of the Galaxy," a bird with a man's head from early TNG.

What say you?
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