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Re: Star Trek A To Z

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A is for the Artemis, yet another ill-fated Federation vessel.
B is for Bajoran Brownies.
C is for the Columbia. USS Columbia, NX-02. Sister ship to the USS Enterprise, NX-01.
D is for the Dauntless, another NX-01 that the Voyager crew should have immediately found very suspicious based on the registry number alone.
E is for Excelsior. NX-2000
F is for the Farragut, James Kirk's very first assignment after graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2254.
G is for Grissom, where the bridge crew sit pretty in pink.
H is for Harris, a mid-22nd century official of Section 31 who liked to yank Malcolm Reed around.
I is for Iotian gangsters.
J is for the Jenolen's transporter. Scotty managed to rig the thing so that he'd remain alive inside the pattern buffer for a whopping 75 years.
K is for the Kelvin. Once again proving that it's bad luck to have only one warp nacelle.
L is for Lawrence Marvick, one of the chief designers of the Enterprise 1701 and other Constitution-class starships of the mid-to-late 23rd century.
M is for Marlena Moreau. The MU Captain's woman. One of the more delightful aspects of the Mirror Universe.
N is for the Nanite infestation of the Enterprise-D in early 2366.
O is for Organian Peace Treaty.
P is for Praxis explosion debris drifting in space near Qo'noS.
Q is for Quantum Leap actors in Star Trek.
R is for the Romulan incursion into Federation space across the border of the Neutral Zone in 2266, ending more than a century of isolation.
S is for Starboard Bow. That's where the Klingons are!!
T is for Tiburon. Federation member world and home of Dr. Sevrin, one groovy and fairly dangerous man.
U is for United Earth Space Probe Agency.
V is for Vulcans and their excellent taste in designing women's space exploration clothing.
W is for Whales.
X is for the USS eXcalibur (NCC-26517), from the New Frontier novels.
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