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Re: Would you rather?

edit-- to add to that..A sentient android--not a hologram....for one, they're still limited to moving around a bulky holadeck-- an android can go where he or she pleases.

Plus there's something kind of creepy about the idea of being a hologram--a light particle program with software ....just seems weird to imagine being one

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Would you rather be a Vulcan forced into Romulan culture, or a Romulan forced into Vulcan culture??

A Vulcan forced into Romulan culture... Vulcans don't 'feel' emotions, so nothing's going to bother them much anyway. A Romulan would go nuts with all the snobby, non emotional vibes that Vulcans would give off.

You are a female involved in a serious negotiation or argument with some male Klingons. You need to win. You need to be outspoken. You need to be aggressive. You even need to be a bitch if necessary.

Would you rather be;

Captain Janeway, Dr. Pulaski, Kai Winn, Admiral Nechayev, Admiral Sati, Kira Nerys, or Lwaxana Troi?

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