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Re: "Is Battlestar Galactica in Suspended Animation?"

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^^^ Caprica was the prequel to NuBSG.
What I meant was between the final scene in nuBSG (on Earth, supposedly in todays timeline with Six and Baltar walking about) long after the Cylons were given their freedom. From that moment to before Caprica started is what I was talking about.

"This has all happened before, it will all happen again"

So after the final scene in nuBSG the cylons have been out there doing something for centuries. Mankind still supposedly has to go colonize the star systems that become the planets in the nuBSG series.

It's kind of confusing in a way if this history has to repeat itself for several logic steps are kind of broken since the Cylons have already been invented by the time humans colonize the planets in nuBSGs timeline.

Now that I've probably just confused everyone I'll stop.
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