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Re: TMP Refit - Why?

Heh, those are cool. I'm skeptical about the Constellation, but it's certainly possible, and I still dig it.

Something worth noting about the refit... when the process began for Phase II, the aborted TOS sequel series, in the 70s, Matt Jefferies intended the new Enterprise changes to amount to "power pods and struts only." That is, only the neck, nacelle pylons, and nacelles were fundamentally changed.

Obviously, there were other minor changed, but 75% she was the same ship. When the series turned into TMP, heavier redesigns took place on the part of Mike Minor and Andrew Probert that further distinguished the ship from her original form, indeed making her a truly complete refit.

I'll also throw in there that during the Phase II era, the "struts and nacelles only" version of the ship was to have an engine room with an intermix chamber very similar to what we saw in TMP.
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