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Re: B'Elanna in Klingon gear

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Worf was raised by humans who did everything they could to provide him with as close to a klingon lifestyl as they could. His mother said she learned to cook blood pie. B'elanna was raised by a klingon but resented and rejected klingon ways, she was teased for it and blamed it for her father leaving. so she didn't embrace the klingon stuff from her mother
First, the fact that Worf has been an idealized and romanticized Klingon, a product of book-learning rather than a real childhood experiences, was a subject of discussion at least as early as Rightful Heir and at least as late as Tacking Into The Wind. Whether or not his Klingonness is unnatural, many characters, including his brother, saw him as something other than the real thing. Sometimes, they played with that idea in order to incite a reaction from him.

Second, you should pay attention to the use of the conditional. I never argue that B'Elanna did not reject Klingon values, but because of the the context she was raised, she should have a more organic sense of what they stand for. "Should" is a key word.
since we don't know exactly how she was raised, you're just assuming.

what we do know is that from a young age she was teased for being klingon and blames herself for her father leaving because she was too klingon for him.
After Barge of the Dead, we know a lot. She was in a Klingon monastery. She believed the mythology as a child. And if her experiences are based on her imagination (and not real), she has deep knowledge that allows her to construct an elaborate image of the afterlife. Worf nearly burned down his quarters trying to summon an image of Kahless; he worked much harder to achieve much less.

ETA: on the question of whether or not I am making assumptions: no, I am not inventing details in the lacunae of her biography. I am extrapolating from her experiences (as well as real people who undergo cultural assimilation) in order to discuss was is reasonable to expect from such a character.
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