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Re: TMP Refit - Why?

Well, the registry of the Reliant and TVH's Saratoga are in the 1800s. All things being equal, if registries are sequential as one might think, this would mean they were built after the Enterprise, although we do not concretely know this to be the case.

There's a fan design for a Surya class "frigate" that is essentially a TOS version of the Miranda, but nothing in canon to support it. It's entirely possible there was a TOS version, and we just never saw it; indeed, according to the "Court Martial" status chart there was at least one ship in the 1800s in service at the time of TOS, so it stands to reason the Reliant might be.

Then again, who's to say the Miranda class wasn't built as we saw the Reliant, and wasn't the testbed for movie-era tech, before the Enterprise refit was attempted?

I think the only conclusion we can concretely draw is that something about the Miranda and Excelsior class (and Oberth for that matter) ensured they were in service for around 75 years.

This would tend to make make one think there could have been refit Consitutions in service too, even though we didn't see one outside Wolf 359 and DS9's "The Sound of Her Voice," both of which reused the TSFS wreckage. If the Excelsior was meant to replace the Constitution, then maybe something along the lines of Timo's treaty stipulations made it advtangous to have an Excelsior rather than a Constitution: one big, more capable ship instead of one smaller, less capable ship. Further, the variants of the Miranda seem to imply a modularity or versatility that we haven't seen in other classes to the same extent.
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