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Re: TMP Refit - Why?

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And yet, no Excelsior or Miranda class starship ever changed so dramatically as the Enterprise did. In turn, this may shed some light on the refit itself; we never have seen another one like it.
An interesting point. We see the Excelsior-class for the first time in TSFS, again in TUC and GEN, and several times thereafter in TNG. Each of the vessels looks virtually identical to the class prototype on the outside but has an interior consistent with TNG design specifications.

The Miranda-class appeared in TWOK, TVH, and again in TNG. Each of the ships looks like the Reliant, though some are missing the torpedo launcher that runs above the primary hull. But what of the Miranda-class before TWOK? The novels mention that USS Boston was a Miranda-class ship and that Decker served aboard her for four years as executive officer. Was her design like that of Reliant but with nacelles similar to the Enterprise during the five-year mission?

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