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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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It doesn't look like the total disaster I was expecting..... in fact it looks like it could be good. Was the whole thing with him overcoming the control of robot part of himself in the original? I haven't watched it in ages, so I only have a few vague memories of it.
Wow. This is actually more depressing than I thought, because this would be a much better film if it wasn't actually called "Robocop."

The hints that "Murphy" might be little more than a fleshy appendage for a "cloud" based police force is a great way to tackle the contemporary fears surrounding the "social network" age.

Think about all that subject entails: the complete dissolution of the notion of private information, data collection, analysis and distribution on a global scale, and the inevitable truth that everyone within that system is both affected and effects it.

It's a notion that mirrors the themes in Verhoeven's film so perfectly...that this film does it's own story a disservice when it goes out of it's way to "tip it's hat" to things like ED-209, the original design, and having "Alex J. Murphy, clean cut family man" when those elements were deliberate exaggerations to service the underlying tone and theme that actually makes Robocop a masterpiece of film storytelling.

Also, casting Sam Jackson is ridiculous. I love the guy, and it's not as if he can't do a serious performance, but there are dozens of black actors whose presence wouldn't immediately train-wreck the tone of every scene they appear in.
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