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Re: B'Elanna in Klingon gear

B'elanna would have done fine on a quiz on Klingon culture. The core of my argument was that she should have been more like Plakson's character, having enough facility with Klingon culture to negotiate with it in spite of her dissatisfaction therewith.
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It was nice to (finally) see her in get-up, even if it did feel a little cosplay. Especially in that episode where she's the Klingon messiah mom. I think Quark looked better in armour than poor old Tom
I think it made sense that she would not look entirely comfortable in Klingon gear, like a high school kids wearing a tux to the prom. On the other hand, I think that her performance should have been closer to Suzie Plakson's when it came to dealing with Klingon issues: knowledgeable, but critical.
she was knowledgeable, she knew about the Day of Honor and how to "celebrate" she knew that prayer for the dead, she knew the myth of the first Klingons killing their gods
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