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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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So, in this one he's fully aware of who he is right from the beginning instead of regaining his memories as time goes on? That might be interesting.

Correct. Omnicorp slowly strips away his humanity/rights until he's fully under their control.

The reverse of the first movie

I watched the trailer. It lacks the edginess and dirty look of the original

It's a guy in a suit

Look at the all the harsh detailing

Yeah that's what I noticed as soon as I saw the suit. The original robocop is a ROBOT. You can see that his skull is artificial, he only has his face left.

The new Robocop is a man in an armored suit.

I don't get this. In this day and age, they could have made the robotic aspect even more apparent, digitally removing bits and pieces and replacing them with mechanical parts.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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