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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

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Sorry, Christopher, but everything about those drawings smacks of forced perspective.
First off: Compare them to the side views of the ship several pages earlier and later. The proportions are consistent. The shuttlebay is supposed to taper toward the rear. This isn't a case where a set or miniature is tapered to create the illusion of something longer and straighter. You can clearly see that the rear of the ship itself does, in fact, taper.

Second: If it were a forced-perspective miniature, then those diagrams would be of the miniature. But they're not. They're rendered as cutaway diagrams of the "actual" ship, complete with the outer hull and the dome on top, things that wouldn't have been seen in the miniature and thus wouldn't have been built. Plus there are the people standing there for scale. So those drawings are meant to be representations of the full-size hangar bay within the ship, not construction plans for a miniature.
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