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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

With the original film, the story wasn't the story.. it was formulaic version of Frankenstein when all was said and done. What made the film the classic that it is - what gave it it's real story - was it's satire, and how it's over-the-top violence played into that. There are few funnier scenes in a movie than the awkward "someone want to call a paramedic" pause after ED-209 takes out a hapless volunteer. The film pushed the "normal" into the absurd world one shove at a time. We've all kind of now how business meeting demonstrations are supposed to go, and can't help but be transported with all our facilities intact when that demonstration happens, and, though it ends with unpredictable results, we still would probably ask where the paramedics were. It's the same with the entire film, with rookie cop, and it's partner and it's formulaic plot, we know where it's going, but Verhoven constantly pushed constatly pushed us further into this ultra violent, almost-serious worl that is both exatly what we expect but less where we feel comfortable the entire time the movie is playing. It has it's share of completely human awkward moments that make it feel so real to us (like the guy who "knocks ghim self out" on the baby-food-like sustenance, or the guys who half-can't them back in-restroom scene when Dick Jones comes in, the film plays with just over the line of decency at every moment. Verhoven knew that the point of his film was not really the story, it was the satire, and the examination of human nature, that would make it work. The story of RoboCop is, without that edge, fairly standard sci-fi tripe. Hence, the fate of the new movie.
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