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Re: Observer Effect

Eh, it's not as if we have soooooo many busy threads burning up the forum that we can't make room for any more.

jazzstick, starting your own running commentary thread for all the episodes is a typical way to post your thoughts. That being said, if you see a standout (positive or negative) episode and you would like to start a meatier discussion, I have no problem with you starting a separate thread for it. We have single-episode threads too.

Please have something substantive to say about the episode if you start a new thread -- you know, more than "cool" or "sux" or "Thoughts?" -- something that would launch a decent back-and-forth. Please mind the spamming rules in the FAQ and don't start a bunch of threads back to back. Also, please use the Multiquote function rather than posting several times in a row. Give other folks a chance to chime in.

"Observer Effect" is my favorite episode of Enterprise, btw. Beautifully made, standout performances and direction, lovely music, suspenseful and heartwrenching and wonderful. Bakula was sooo good here - when Archer visits Trip and fights back his emotion, when Archer and Phlox try to save Hoshi and Archer sacrifices himself so Phlox can find a cure and save his crew-- that got me all choked up. And when Archer, grieving and dying and tears in his voice, pleads with the Organians to feel compassion for the human race... omg, I absolutely adore this episode.
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