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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


"Sometimes that shit comes back around!" by Nicky Nicholls

The Pageant continues, and its fun to see who plays what. Morello is Mary... the bald cancer lady from the first ep plays Joseph.

The three wise men are Yoga Jones (good Buddhist that she is), Chang, and the Italian lady from ep 1 who wouldn't let Piper make the bed.

The part of a shepherd is played by that wicked tall lady that's in the background of many shots (hasn't said a word to us, yet.) and the shepherdess is played by the "crying lady from the prison phone bank." You remember, right? She used to hand piper Kleenex when the chick would melt down.

And Silent Norma is even up there, playing another heavenly angel. I doubt its a "speaking" part.

Of course, the part of the Angel who proclaims the birth was portrayed by Tiffany Doggett, while the part of the ass was played by, none other than, BIG BOO!

You see, Doggett.

There are NO small parts... ONLY SMALL ACTORS!

The characters are all lined across the stage.

The ass, not wishing to be ignored, whispers across the stage at Mary/Morello. Once her attention has been caught, Boo lifts up her pant leg to show off some quite fetching MAGENTA socks!

"Thank-you, Merry Christmas" has been mouthed across the stage. Morello obviously has studied lip reading since she has no trouble understanding Boo and sends sotto voce holiday wishes right back at her, along with a wind blown kiss.

But now, here comes the show... and the hecklers.

As soon as "Mary Morello" starts talking labor pains and bald Joseph has to entreat her to lie down on the bed of straw, that's when the comedy team of Flaca and Maritiza kick in to make some naughty remarks.

Flaca: Oh Yeah, lay down Mary.

The room explodes into laughter, much to the puzzlement of the Chaplain and her 2 directors, and the disgust of one profane if Butchy Donkey.

The best moment, however, comes when Officer Wanda Bell exhorts the crowd to quiet down, then turns back to the stage to say...

Officer Bell: JOSEPH... You was saying...

Martiza mutters "that should have been us" on stage, to which Flaca readily agrees.

The Pageant is drawing to a close as everyone is once again lined up across the stage. There are even more people, as the Gospel singers (Taystee, Poussey, Suzanne & Janea) have also joined them. Black Cindy is sitting at the piano, accompanying the singers as they go into that old classic, "I saw the Light."

As the final solo of the night came near, Taystee pulled Suzanne to the front... where you can see what it means to have a "deer in the headlights" look.

Suzanne is frozen, and hearing multiple piano intro's from Black Cindy, hand signals from Sophia, prayers from Sister Ingalls or the increasing laughter from the crowd can do nothing to spur Suzanne into song. The poor woman tries to run back into the crowd on stage, bit Taystee blocks her way.

That's when the audience, both in the chapel and watching from home, were treated to a "Christmas miracle".. acapella.

"Just like the blind man, I wandered alone..."

Everyone is looking around to find the singer standing stage right, her head hanging down.

"Glories and fears, I claimed for my ownnnn."

"No Longer Silent Norma's" face is now upturned, although her eyes are still closed as she lets the music speak through her.

"And like, the blind man, that God gave back his sight."

The other actors are engrossed in the sound, except poor Suzanne who begins to beat her head for her failure. Gotta love Taystee, she simply reaches up to capture the offending hand and pull Suzanne close to stand next to her.

"Praise the Lord..."

Once again, the camera focuses on Piper's face. That flat, emotionless, hopeless face with its unseeing eyes.

"I sawwww the light."

Finally the piano kicks in and everyone starts singing. Boo grabs Norma, still at the side of the stage, and insists she take the place of honor in the middle, leading her cast.

It's so much fun, watching the performers on stage, Sophia and Ingalls and indeed most of the audience smiling, laughing and singing because they knew what a breakthrough it was after all these years for Norma to finally find her own voice.

When the final solo came up, Norma needed that encouraging tap on the shoulder from Taystee to once more take charge...

"Praise the lordddd...."

I love how both Janea and Taystee closed their eyes to feel the power of that one faithful cry.

"I sawwww ....

Piper looks to be in pain.

...the lightttt."

Piper blinks and then looks like she's about to panic, so she does the only thing she can do. She gets up, and runs.

Oh Piper.

This is prison. How far do you think you can get?

How's it feel when the truth makes you "her" bitch?

Unfortunately... Piper does not escape unnoticed, and Doggett deserts the stage and follows her as the cast continues to sing the praises of seeing the light.

"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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