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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 80; The woes of Miles Edward O'Brien

EVEK: "Miles O'Brien, you've just won the Cardassian Clearing House Sweepstakes"
O'BRIEN: "What did I win?"
EVEK: "7 full Cardassian days of the worst Music 21st century Earth gave history, including so called artists like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lady Ga-Ga, Kesha,etc."
O'BRIEN: "Kill me now!"
EVEK: "That's why we call it the Cardassian Clearing House Sweepstakes"

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O'BRIEN: On the bright side, this is the least terrible thing that's ever happened to me..
OS Hears the snap of Rubber gloves
O'BRIEN: "Oh bloody hell"
Ok Muppets From Space is not a movie you want to watch when you no longer smoke pot, lol.
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