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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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Upon further look, that initial explosion glow is just simple glare. The problem with the torpedo exploding directly between the impulse deck and the bridge module is the lack of light hitting the front of the impulse deck.
There's CONSIDERABLE lighting of the front/starboard ring of the impulse deck in the frames immediately after the explosion and immediately before the "secondary sparks" begin to manifest themselves. And even then, some of the lighting effect remains visible on the starboard side of the bridge.

Unless they're Starfleet Training vessels in TWOK's time where they are trained to fire live torpedoes at target drones.
You mean the target drones you just totally made up off from your own imagination, purely for the sake of argument?

In TOS, it only took days (not weeks) to go from planet to planet.
Not usually, no. Especially when you consider the Enterprise' missions didn't always involve beaming down to a planet.

I think you're shooting too low. Of course they have to learn the boring stuff, but they have a fully operational ship like the Enterprise so it would be unusual for cadets not to practice all their jobs while in space.
They ARE practicing their jobs while in space. For 90% of the crew, their jobs are tedious and boring manual labor over extended periods of time while the senior officers and a random selection of specialists do all the exciting work planetside (or sitting at your duty stations minding your own business until a malevolent demigod decides to turn you inside out for no reason).

Ah now they're trainees being trained on an active duty ship.
Are you being sloppy with your terms again or are you under the impression that "training ship" and "active duty" are mutually exclusive?

She maybe an officer but how do we know she's not still a cadet?
Because she's a commissioned officer with a standing rank within Starfleet's normal chain of command. If Kirk granted field commissions to every noncom on the ship, Saavik would still outrank them.

More importantly, she goes from the Enterprise training mission straight to science officer on the Grissom without returning to the Academy. The other trainees are all noncoms and enlisted men (they were never at the Academy in the first place) but in Saavik's case, it would seem really odd. Why does she get to skip graduation and go straight to a prestigious new assignment?

The answer is painted on Saavik's collar: Starts out red, switches to white, and she doesn't even get promoted in the meantime. This means Saavik has qualified for transfer to the Command Division through her performance on the Enterprise, which is pretty much the same transition Deanna Troi went through on the Enterprise-D.

Deterrent would just be a part of the escort mission. Since there was no conventional attack made, being a deterrent worked and it required a group of insiders sabotaging the mission and framing the Enterprise as the attacker.
The thing is, Enterprise wouldn't be all that effective in preventing a conventional attack. Certainly less so than a more advanced starship.

Maybe, maybe not. We don't know how the Enterprise would fair against 2 or 3 Klingon warships in a straight up fight at that time.
That's because Enterprise has never BEEN in a straight up fight with 2 to 3 Klingon warships, either before or after the refit. It's successors certainly did, though, and in almost every case where this happened, they wound up getting pwned.

Because you can't prove that the Enterprise would fail against a conventional attack. I don't even think you can show the Enterprise is even obsolete.
They decommissioned it literally days after its last (and arguably most successful) combat mission, at which point it is quite possibly the very last Constitution class ship still in service. If it's not obsolete, it's pretty damn close.

That's doesn't make sense. Why would the Federation assign a non-front-line ship to escort Gorkon then?
Why would the Chancelor of the high council fly to Earth on a 100-year-old battle cruiser?

It's not like Cartright was making the decision as he's called out by the CinC as being against it. They had plenty of time to assign a different ship, one that could be more "front-line" than what you think the Enterprise is.
You're forgetting that Spock personally laid the groundwork for the diplomatic efforts himself and "personally vouched" for Kirk in his behalf. Again, that's the factor of Kirk's reputation: Gorkon knows Kirk is both hated and respected among Klingons as a formidable foe, and he knows that if he gets anyone else to escort him to Earth it'll look like a sign of weakness among his rivals. Instead of appearing to run to the Federation to beg them for help in the face of disaster, he instead meets the Federation's most famous warrior on his most famous ship and they travel to Earth to talk about what to do next.

And more powerful than technobabble is the hero captain
And there's our answer.

The reason there are so few Constitution class starships in the 24th century is because they are designed to be badass-hero: their primary power source is a badass Captain capable of imbuing it with his personal gravitas.

Mirandas were designed from the beginning to be badass-normal: they perform just the same no matter who's at the helm. With more powerful badass-hero ships like Excelsior coming out, the Constitutions were not suited to carry on in a rear-line role and the Mirandas and Constellations filled her mid-range exploration field.
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