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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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Meh, the black looks dumb. Robocop is a walking tank, not a roboninja. And the glowing red visor, which looks stupid and cliche all on its own, also completely negates any tactical stealth the black suit might give him.

"Where do we shoot him?"

"Aim just below the red line!"

Also, did the re-makers not catch the oh-so-subtle satire of the original? It's like they cast around for yet another tortured "superhero" to make into a super-serious summer action movie and someone saw the Robocop DVD gathering dust on a producer's movie shelf and said, "There's our next fast cash grab, gentlemen! Make that, but with more flash and tacticool gadgetry and 'splosions! No, no, no, don't watch it. Just print off a description from wkipedia or something to get the barest idea of a plot and roll with it."
Remaking a classic movie aside what do you expect? A scene for scene copy of the original movie with modern set design and special effects?

Might as well watch the original then as good as it is.

You haven't seen the movie yet but you claim it will be shit and it's only a money grab (the second part is hard to argue, i think so too). The first one's satire was on the nose, it basically grabbed you by the neck and pushed you down into it (the same as with Starship Troopers). If they have social commentary in the movie maybe it will be different, who knows?

The trailer looked promising (much more so than the concept art) but i've been burned bad by trailers before (looking at you George and the PT trilogy) so as with every movie i'm adopting a wait and see stance.

However after this trailer i'll be definitely checking out the movie.
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