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Re: Would Q allow humanity or federation to be dstroyed?

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^That's not what I'm saying! It's an analogy! Come on, just try to imagine things from his perspective instead of trying to force him into ours. Heck, I'm sure he could speed up his perceptions enough that he could spend subjective days watching a soap bubble pop, but that's not the point. The point is that it still needs to be considered in the context of his entire past and future. By now he's seen countless individuals and entire species die. He's used to it. And he knows that humanity's time in this universe will also be finite. It's inevitable to him that we'll cease to exist eventually, or at least evolve into a very different form, and then he'll move on and find other species to play with. He's surely been through that more times than we can comprehend.
Tough crowd!

I agree with your point on perspective. If you've ever seen a squirrel close up... everything about them seems accelerated. Would I save a squirrel? Nope. Still, I think Q (deLancie) has more than a passing interest in humanity and in All Good Things, he does in fact save humanity by leading Picard to the answer.

I remember some fans wanting Q in movies back when Generations came out. IMO Q is small screen stuff. I don't think you can sell excitement and thrills on the big screen when the only question is whether Q will intervene. That's why they went with All Good Things as the final episode and the crossover plot for the film. Q is just too 'Deux ex'.
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